Image of man entwined in holiday tree lightsThe season for decorating, gift giving and lots of good cheer is here. By taking some simple precautions and using a bit of common sense, you can enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season.




  • Food safety: From the buffet table to the office party, food moves center stage throughout the holiday season. Be sure to keep food safe by following basic food safety steps.


  • Fire safety: Holiday trees, lights, decorations and candles  account for hundreds of fires annually. Unfamiliarity with burning fires in a fireplace can also cause a potential safety threat. Have a safe and happy holiday by following a few simple fire safety tips.


  • Personal safety: By using a little extra caution and following some personal safety tips, you can avoid becoming a victim of crime this holiday season.



  • Product safety: If you think you may have purchased an unsafe item, check the latest recall and product safety news from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.