The dangers of speeding far outweigh the time saved. Choosing to exceed the speed limit or drive too fast for traffic, road, vehicle, or driver conditions can result in not just a speeding ticket, but in injury or death. Speed limits are not just guidelines, they save lives.

Every 10 MPH traveled over 50 MPH doubles the risk of death if a crash occurs. For example, at 80 MPH the chances of dying if involved in a crash are eight times greater than at 50 MPH.

On a ten mile trip, this increased risk results in only four minutes of reduced travel time.

Safety Tips

  • Know the current speed limit.
  • Assess current driving conditions and adjust your speed to those conditions.
  • Under certain conditions, the posted limit may be too fast.
  • Allow enough time to reach your destination. If you are running late, call ahead. Do not rush.
  • Check the speedometer.
  • Recheck the speedometer.
  • Slow down when being tailgated to encourage the other driver to pass. Don’t speed up.
  • Reduce speed in work and school zones.
  • Be cautious and alert.

Fines, Points and Penalties for Speeding

Speed Minimum Fine Maximum Fine Possible
Prison Term
MPH over
Speed Limit
0 to 10 mph $45 $150 None   3
>10 mph &
< 30 mph
$90 $300 not more than
15 days
>30 mph $180 $600 not more than
30 days
Inappropriate Speed $45 $150 not more than
15 days

Fines increase if your are convicted of more than one speed violation in 18 months.  License is revoked for 3 convictions in 18 months.  Fines may vary for speeding in school zone or restricted highway. Fines are doubled in work zones.

In addition to the fines and penalties shown, you will have to pay a state surcharge and possibly a Driver Responsibility Assessment if you receive six or more points on your driver record during a period of 18 months and the violations occurred on or after November 18, 2004.

Fines are doubled for speeding in a work zone.