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Are you ready for an emergency? In an emergency or natural disaster, it could be days until vital services in Westchester are restored. You need a Go Bag packed with emergency supplies; a plan that says who you will contact and where you will go if you must evacuate your home; and you need to stay informed on what is going on.

And, you should build the kit and discuss emergency planning with your family and other loved ones well before disaster strikes. In addition to the tips below, visit for valuable and instructional information.

Special Needs Registry
Plus if you, or someone you know, might require additional assistance to leave home during an emergency, consider registering with the Special Needs Registry. The registry is for individuals with physical or mental disabilities who live on their own. The database will be provided to local municipalities to use in their emergency planning efforts.

Westchester residents should focus on three steps to ready themselves before a disaster occurs:

  • Putting together an emergency supply kit and maintaining it
  • Developing an emergency plan involving their entire family
  • Reviewing how best to stay informed during an emergency

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