Potassium Iodide, known by its chemical symbol KI, is an over-the-counter medication. In the event of a serious nuclear plant emergency, KI can be used as a supplement to sheltering and evacuation.

Based on medical studies, federal guidance and an increased public interest in KI-potassium iodide, New York State and Westchester County have developed a program to provide KI-potassium iodide to residents who live, work or travel within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone.

Residents should understand that:

  • KI protects only the thyroid gland from radioactive-iodine that may be emitted during a radiological emergency.
  • KI offers no protection for other forms of radiation, nor does it protect any other parts of the body from radioactive materials.
  • KI provides no protection against external irradiation of any kind.

The FDA emphasizes that the use of KI should be used as an adjunct to, not an option “in lieu of” evacuation, sheltering, and control of foodstuffs. If you live within the 10-mile radius of Indian Point, you should pick up some free KI that you may need to use in a radiological emergency.

KI comes in 130 mg. tablets (IOSAT), 65 mg. tablets (ThyroSafe) and liquid (ThyroShield). Tablets can be divided for smaller dose requirements.

If you are instructed to take Potassium Iodide, follow the dosage instructions that come with your KI or as follows:

  • One 130 mg. dose for adults
  • One 130 mg. dose for adolescents over 12 years old who weigh at least 150 pounds
  • One 65 mg. dose for adolescents over 12 years old who weigh less than 150 pounds
  • One 65 mg. dose for children 3 years to under age 12
  • One 32 mg. dose for children over one month old to 3 years old
  • One 16 mg. dose for children birth to one month old

Expiration Dates
Potassium Iodide doses of 130mg that you may currently have in stock, manufactured by IOSAT, have an expiration date of the end of Feb. 2014.  The doses of Potassium Iodide that will replace these have not yet been made available by the manufacturer.  The US Department of Health and Human Services – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed for an extension to the expiration date as printed on the current 130mg dose packaging.  The new expiration date for this KI is now Aug. 2014.  Please do not dispose of your existing inventory of 130mg KI.  This KI may continue to be distributed and used in an emergency. Please also note that the 65mg (ThyroSafe) and Liquid (ThyroShield) doses of KI may also be used and have different expiration dates than the 130mg (IOSAT).

KI tablets are available at the following locations:

Village of Briarcliff
Municipal Building
1111 Pleasantville Road
Briarcliff Manor
(914) 941-4800
City of Peekskill
Office of Emergency Management
4 Nelson Avenue
Call ahead (914) 862-1020
or (914) 862-1424
Village of Croton-on-Hudson
Municipal Building
1 Van Wyck Street
(914) 271-4781
Town of Yorktown
Community and Cultural Center
974 Commerce Street
(914) 962-5758
Town of New Castle
Town Clerks Office, Town Hall
200 Greely Avenue
(914) 238-4771
John Hart Library
1130 Main Street
(914) 245-5262
Town and Village of Ossining
Community Center
95 Broadway
(914) 941-3189
Westchester County
Department of Emergency Services

Main Office
4 Dana Road
(914) 231-1850
Town of Somers
Supervisors Office, Town Hall
335 Route 202
(914) 277-3637