Special sirens are installed to alert the public if there were an emergency at Indian Point. The sirens are loud, high-pitched alarms which would be sounded for three to five minutes without interruption.

If there is a potential for or an actual release of radiological materials to the environment, the county executive -- in partnership with New York State officials -- might sound emergency sirens.

These special sirens are located throughout the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) around Indian Point.

If you hear the sirens, turn on your radio or television and tune to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) station near you.

Emergency Alert System stations

AM Radio FM Radio Television
WNYC 93.9 WHUD 100.7 WCBS Ch 2
WOR 710 WJGK 103.1 WNBC Ch 4
WABC 770 WFAS 103.9 WABC Ch 7
 WCBS 880
WINS 1010
WFAS 1230
WLNA 1420